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Apple tree and water tanks gone

Last Wednesday Jon chopped (chain sawed) down the apple tree, and two smaller trees, as well as removing the water tanks and their supporting structure. The area at the end of the house now looks much better - much more open. Jon did a great job.

I priced some sheds today - about $2,500 to $3,500. Plus digging it out and putting down a concrete slab. And we'll probably need about two, if not three, sheds to replace the one we'll knock down for our (eventual) house extension.

Jon's odd jobs and property maintenance

I met with Jon today to obtain a quote to clear out the area at the southern end of the house, including removing the previous owner's water tanks, accumulated rubbish and the old apple tree.

We plan to concrete the area, install a new water tank and put up a shed.

Jon will start work within a few weeks.