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Photos post-Kenny!

Here's some photos of our back garden, "post-Kenny". I've now pruned back the lemon tree too, but its not shown in these pictures.

Our token palm tree remains.

Looking for a place to rent

We've been visiting open for inspections for rental properties in the area.  We've applied for some and not heard about whether we've been successful.  All have been houses from the 1960's that appear to have had minor re-decorations like new kitchens and bathrooms - in the 1980's.

Bigger yard?

Today we had most of the trees and bushes in our back garden cut down, and the stumps ground out.

Across the back fence we've gained about three more metres of yard.  Liam was surprised to see the houses behind us - to him they've been hidden until now.

We used Kenny's Trees and Stump Removals again - the third time Kenny has done work for us.  He has his eye on the remaining trees in our garden too.

Next week the concrete slabs for our two sheds and water tank will be laid.

Getting your house valued

This morning a bank had our house valued. The valuer gave some interesting insights to the process.

They value land size and improvements - no surprises there.

In the house they photograph your kitchen and bathroom, so they obviously have an impact on the value. Ducted heating and cooling were also items of interest. That all makes sense because they're items that can't be removed (easily).

The valuer measured the houses external dimensions and walked around the plot. He commented that he has to look for items like underground water tanks and nowadays, some houses have split cycle air-conditioners that look like pictures on the wall. An indicator is the presence of control units mounted on walls.

I asked about the sales data that is used. He said that banks prefer valuations based upon actual settlements, but that this can be a problem in fast moving markets. I suppose this is because settlements take 30, 60 or 90 days, and that is a long time in a hot (or slumping) prope…