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TV mounts

In the extension we're wiring four locations for TV's, although we only expect to have one for some time.  This is because it is difficult and expensive to put the cables in later.

We are also buying brackets for mounting two TV's now, so that they can be mounted correctly on the wall studs.

Tonight I did a quick search to find mounts.

On the Whirlpool forums I found recommendations here and here for this Ebay store, Selby Acoustics. They have actual stores in Hallam and Geelong.  I then found a link to this online guide which has suppliers and 'how to' instructions if you have to do it yourself in a completed home.

At Selby Acoustics, a 60kg rated mount, for TV's from 30" to 50", is currently reduced to $99 from a RRP of $169.  At Dick Smith Electronics, a similar mount is $399.

I'll measure the TV and its mounting holes, to see if they fit the specifications for the mount.

30/09/2010 I used "Buy it now" on Selby Acoustics Ebay Store to …

End of Week 12

This week the piers for the front verandah were finished. The next job for the verandah is to have a new concrete base laid, and a new front step.

Rendering for the first floor is complete, although there is a hand print in it that needs to be removed. The finish is otherwise quite good, as is the painting along the first floor eaves.

The following photo shows some of the preparation for rendering the ground floor, with the removal of the window ledges.

Internally, some of the 'patching' has commenced; for example, replacing the floor where the stone tiled hearth once was.

The bookshelves have the final shelf in place. I think they'll bring some life to what otherwise would have been an odd corridor.

 During the week, the battens were put in place for the lined verandah roof.


Our new built-in bookshelves are being constructed. Originally we had a short, new, corridor between our extension and existing living area. During the design phase we decided to widen the corridor and narrow the walk-in pantry to incorporate bookshelves.

We also decided to wrap them around the corner, along one of the walls of the existing living room.

The hallway is an additional one, and isn't the main 'route' between sections of the house. We are all keen readers, so I am sure that we'll fill them quickly.

End of Week 11

The bricklayers were hard at work today, with the extension walls mostly finished, and the verandah mostly done. The builders have started breaking up the existing verandah, ready to lay a new one which we'll eventually tile.

The plumber has also prepared most of the pipes, the painters have completed most of the first floor eaves, and this weekend the renderers may start work too.


The bricklayers commenced work on Monday, and are speeding through laying our ground floor walls. By Monday night they'd completed the laundry and one of our longer walls to the height of the doors.

By Tuesday night the dining room and kitchen walls were half laid.

I couldn't get there tonight to see myself; however Nat advised that at about 4pm the site was a hive of activity and the first floor foam was close to being finished.

Skylight installed

Our ensuite skylight was installed on Monday.  It looks great and I'm glad we increased its size marginally.

Progress photos

Here are some additional photos showing progress up to the end of week 10 of the extension.

Here's a similar aspect of the house from 10-12 weeks ago:

The bricklayers are due to start on Monday, so this wall will shortly be covered over.

On the first floor, this picture shows the foam being placed, and also how the top wall is having spacers put in so that it is aligned with the ground floor. The alternative is a stepped wall, because the thickness of the wall on each floor is different.

Our silver birch is beginning to shoot leaves, so within a few weeks the front of the house will be obscured. It looks like we won't get to see a relatively unobscured view of the front of the house until next winter!

Air conditioning

Our first floor won't be connected to our ducted heating, and possibly not even our ducted cooling.  It was planned to have good insulation, cross-ventilation that is oriented to the prevailing sea breeze, and a small split-system air conditioning unit in the main bedroom.

Today I picked up a 2.5kW Samsung unit from The Good Guys at DFO in Moorabbin.  The RRP is over $1,000, whereas The Good Guys has it for about $650. 

We're installing it now, before the walls are finished, which will be cheaper.

Ensuite bathroom fittings

This morning we went back to Bathroom Bazaar in Braeside, this time for our ensuite fittings.  We had to choose, at a minimum, our tap and shower so that the bathroom plumbing can be installed.  Our choices for fittings affect the plumbing, for example, a mixer versus tap set, and the type of showerhead.

We selected a Methven Clandia SatinJet hand shower and Methven Matheson Shower Mixer.  We didn't go with the items we'd found at Reece and posted about before. However we may go back to Reece for the kitchen fittings.  We also picked out the towel rails, toilet roll holder and a shelf for the shower recess.

End of Week 10

There's been some good progress this week.  I haven't been to the house since Monday, so it was good to see it this morning.  This progress report excludes todays work.  When I was there at 8am, the bricklayers were due but may have cancelled because it was raining.

The laundry floor has been ripped out, ready for a new one to be laid.

The window in the existing toilet has been replaced, and the door between the toilet and laundry removed.

The skylight for the ensuite has arrived and is waiting to be installed.

The electrician has wired the extension, including the power outlets, switches, TV and telephone.

The new french doors on our existing front window have been installed, as well as our back door. There's a twist in the existing door frame for the front window, which Matt will fix.

Our dining room chandelier arrived by courier and is securely stored away at our rental house.

The foam for the first floor walls has arrived.  This is the actual wall material, not the in…

Laundry tiles

I've ordered more floor and wall tiles, for our laundry, from Beaumont Tiles.  We purchased the same tiles for our ensuite a few week ago, during a sale that has now ended.  The nice salesperson gave us the additional tiles at the sale price. 

This only came about because I asked her to look up what we ordered last time, to ensure we had the same design and hopefully, a similar shade.  We're not too fussed if the colour is slightly different because they'll be in different rooms.

We've gone with Mondo Sand (400mm x 400mm) for the floor, and Gloss Snow White Rectangular (300mm x 600mm) for the walls. Note that in the link to the Gloss Snow White tile above, it appears grey and as its name suggests, it is actually a gloss snow white.

Crompton LED light

Our electrician has loaned us a Crompton LED light to 'test'. Nat has also been to the same shop that I went to yesterday, to see one in operation. We think the colour and brightness are fine. I was told that it is a 12W downlight.

Ground floor windows and doors

Today the last of the ground floor extension windows and doors were put in place. The only outstanding one is the existing toilet window.

The bi-fold doors for the living room were installed after the photos were taken.

Crompton and LEDlux downlights

This morning I saw an operating Crompton LED light at Haymans, and several from LEDlux at Beacon Lighting. The Crompton light was on display next to other downlights in a room in which the other lights could be turned off, so I could see its colour and brightness. At Beacon, the LEDlux was tucked away amongst many other downlights in a bright room, so it was hard to determine its colour and brightness.

The prices were significantly different too. The Crompton light is over $175ea, and the LEDlux is normally about $100ea. The Crompton light comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Brightgreen downlight, which I haven't seen in operation, is $125-$130 from Hotbeam Direct, an online supplier.

At present I am thinking that we should put LED lights in our main living area, and compact fluorescent ones in the rear verandah.

Matt has arranged for me to see one of his other projects tomorrow evening, which has LED lighting, so I can judge the brightness and colour.

Electrical and kitchen layout

This morning I went back with Nat to review yesterdays planning for the electrical fitings and we made some changes that I will need to notify the electrician about.

We also marked out the kitchen on the floor, using chalk. As a result we're moving the oven about 100mm, so that there is more room to move when its door is open. It's also clear the the kitchen bench space is quite tight - once the coffee machine is in place, around the walls there won't be any work space. The island bench will be the work space - and it is over 2.0 metres long so that will be good.

We also saw tonight, on TV, that Beacon Lighting has another sale on, so I'll take Liam there tomorrow and pick up some lights that we saw before. I may also order the tiles for the laundry, and we'll check out the downlights that our electrician says are on display at Haymans on Cochranes Road.

End of Week 9

After nine weeks of the builders on site for our current works, the windows are being installed, as well as the sisalation. The eaves are also in place.

The 'problem' window has been fixed. We're happy with the outcome.

This morning I met the electrician, Mark, and our builder, Matt, on site for 2.5 hours. We went through each room to mark out the power outlets, switches and lights. Having the kitchen concept drawings from our meeting last night was helpful. Mark was cautionary about the use of LED lighting, but gave me the name of a local place where we can see them on display.

Mark is going to start work this week. Matt explained that we should be at lock-up within four to six weeks.

Kitchen concepts

We received our kitchen concepts this evening and will take them to the house this weekend and mark them out on the floor.  That is assuming that the floor isn't flooded from the heavy rain that is expected.  We're pleased with the designs and the indicative price, which will be reviewed if we make any major changes.

The walk-in pantry will be wall-to-wall open shelves, with a bench around two sides.  I'll need to speak to the electrician tomorrow about appropriate lighting to ensure there aren't dark corners that items get lost in.