Monday, 6 September 2010

Crompton and LEDlux downlights

This morning I saw an operating Crompton LED light at Haymans, and several from LEDlux at Beacon Lighting. The Crompton light was on display next to other downlights in a room in which the other lights could be turned off, so I could see its colour and brightness. At Beacon, the LEDlux was tucked away amongst many other downlights in a bright room, so it was hard to determine its colour and brightness.

The prices were significantly different too. The Crompton light is over $175ea, and the LEDlux is normally about $100ea. The Crompton light comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Brightgreen downlight, which I haven't seen in operation, is $125-$130 from Hotbeam Direct, an online supplier.

At present I am thinking that we should put LED lights in our main living area, and compact fluorescent ones in the rear verandah.

Matt has arranged for me to see one of his other projects tomorrow evening, which has LED lighting, so I can judge the brightness and colour.


  1. hi, i am curious as to which brand you went for? i am comparing all three at the moment and was told the bright green was the best brand. ?? cheers

  2. We went for the Crompton LED downlights. They are brilliant. Click on the LED label on the left side of the blog, then you can scroll through our relevant posts and see what they look like in action.


  3. If you are comparing LED's, have a look at Superlight too, I've installed a number & they perform very well and are pretty inexpensive too.

  4. Thanks for your contribution Anonymous re Superlight. Where are Superlight stocked and what do they cost?