Sunday, 2 January 2011

Front fence - what colour?

Yesterday I sanded back the section of fence across the end of our verandah, and painted its blue trim in Colorbond "Windspray" to match the roof, gutters and posts on the house.  With only one coat, it is a major improvement on the blue.

I can't remember why we originally chose a blue trim - perhaps we just liked the colour, and with the original cream brick (or was it blonde brick?) it didn't really matter.

Even though it isn't a great design feature, the fence along the driveway is important.  Our front garden is an important play area, with several large shady trees, and the fence helps contain the children safely within the space.  And even more importantly, about one child is run over in a driveway every day in Australia (CARRSQ, 2002), typically by a family member. A home design that prevents driveway access by children is a recommended preventative measure.

We'll paint the palings of the section across the verandah white, but now the question remains about what to do with all the other palings.  I'm leaning towards either white or a very dark wood stain.

Do we bother painting them all white or a wood stain?  What are the other choices?

If you have a view, please use the comments below this post to make a suggestion.

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