Friday, 21 January 2011

Smartstrand (IQ150) carpet laid upstairs

Smartstrand IQ150 as laid, with pilling
Late this morning our carpets were laid and I am pleased to say that our carpet saga has come to what seems to be a happy conclusion.

Our builder, Matt, was on site mid morning vacuuming the upstairs floor for us to remove as much dust as possible before the carpet was laid.

Harvey Norman Floorings subcontractor turned up before lunchtime, about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, and finished within a few hours. 

To lay the carpet, the doors to our robe, linen cupboard and bedroom had to be removed.  They cannot be put back because of the thickness of the carpet, so I will ask Matt to plane a few millimetres off the bottom of each so we can rehang them.

Smartstrand IQ150 after vacuuming
When laid, the carpet is very pilly.  We went to our rental place to collect the vacuum, and it took about 30 to 45 minutes to vacuum it all up.  With another coat being put on our downstairs floorboards and our stairs tomorrow, we were careful to sweep and vacuum the stairs to remove as many loose fibres as possible.

We were left with a few small carpet offcuts that we will keep for repairs, and maybe have them made in to a small rug if there is a useful place for one later.

The carpet feels good underfoot.  We used Harvey Normans medium underlay.  The carpet is a lighter colour than what it appears in these photos; perhaps more of a coffee colour.  Using the same colour in all the upstairs spaces does link them together quite well, creating a unified upstairs space rather than separate rooms.

At this stage we have not noticed any differences in dye colours between the pieces of carpet used, which was part of the original problem we had when it looked like our carpet could either be laid with carpet from different runs, or there would be a substantial delay while we waited for carpet to arrive in Australia from the USA that was of the same batch. We will not have access to the house again until Monday, when we will be able to see the main bedroom in the morning sunlight and be able to look more closely.   However, from looking at it today I am pretty sure all will be good.


  1. Hi I am looking at this carpet now and wondering how you have gone with it over the last few years. I would love to hear from you if you don't mind responding thanks! Fiona

  2. Hi Fiona, the carpet looks great. There's no apparent changes in colour or wear issues in trafficked areas. We are very happy with our choice. Note that it is in an upstairs main bedroom, so it does not receive as much as wear as it might if used in a main living area.

  3. that's great - ours is for upstairs bedroom also so hat's not problem. glad to hear it's lasting well and you are happy. thank for your time in responding.