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Electrolux pyrolytic oven

Our long awaited Electrolux pyrolytic oven (EPEE63CS) arrived - another result of the Good Guys VIP sale.  We obtained it for the same price as many discount online appliance stores sell it.  I think Electrolux might be sold 'pro-forma' (on an agency basis) so stores cannot discount it in the same way as products they've purchased wholesale.

During the week we switched the oven on and after several goes found that we could not get it to heat.

We checked that it was not in Demo mode (for shop displays) and then called Elctrolux.  They told us to call The Good guys and exchange it.

We called The Good Guys and they later called us back to say that they had sold us a store display model that does not work.  It has all the features except being able to heat.

Also of concern is that the Electrolux manual warns that vinyl wrap cabinets may discolour with the heat from the oven. Apparently some sort of heat shield is required.  We have called our kitchen cabinet maker to find out…

Samsung LCD TV: getting wireless Internet connectivity

At the Good Guys VIP sale (and no, I do not know how I qualified, but I am glad I did!) I picked up a Samsung 40" LCD TV for just over $800.  It is a small compared to many new TVs, but the size is right for the space we have, including the distance we sit from the wall where it is mounted.

A feature is its Internet@TV.  The model is one of the lowest in the range that has the feature.  It enables apps to be downloaded via a Samsung portal, similar to apps on an iPod Touch or iPad.  There isn't a browser for regular Internet browsing in this range - their $2000+ TV's have that built in. The range of apps is quite small.

Internet access can be via a network cable or a wireless adapter/dongle through a USB port.  A problem is that it must be a Samsung wireless adapter (the WIS09ABGN model is rrp $79).

When I purchased the TV the Good Guys advised they were out of stock of the adapters and would be for three or more weeks.

A few days later I went to JB HiFi at Southland to fi…

Firing up the BBQ

On the weekend we had our neighbours around for drinks and a BBQ dinner.  Part of the night was to be to dine on our new verandah, but a cold front moved in and instead we stayed indoors to eat.

I did barbeque the meat on our ageing gas BBQ, under the shelter of the verandah.  In good Aussie style, next door hubby and I enjoyed a beer on the verandah as I cooked the meat and sliced potatoes.  Our beer wasn't too Australian - a Grolsch and a Budweiser.  I am an old fan of Coopers, but I have branched out more recently because of prompting from family and guests.

Our neighbours provided delicious desserts, but they're the subject of another blog post, on another blog.  The picture with this post might tempt you to click through to find out more!

The CFL downlights on the verandah worked well.  Our electrician suggested cool white lights for outdoors and warm white lights for indoors, and he was right.

Unfortunately it does look like the cold weather has arrived early and we won&…

New couch. What to do with the old couch?

A few weeks back we looked online at options for new couches.  Some good (no, in fact, great) friends have a couch from King Furniture and we looked at their range online too.

However the prices were way more than what we were prepared to pay so we decided to wait.

Last week we saw a TV advertisement for King Furniture and this afternoon we went to their Richmond showroom.  The couch we'd selected online, the Columbus, wasn't on display.  However one of their sales people, Paulette, showed us through their range and we settled on the Delta II, with its under couch storage. It is actually the same one as that owned by our great friends.

King's modular furniture is interesting in that the all components are modular, steel framed and interchangeable.  So it is possible to mix and match bases, backs and arms to create arm chairs, two seater and three seater couches, or even an ottoman.  The bases have a gas lift mechanism with storage within each seat.

We have saved about 40%…

Bargain book buys

Preparing for some purchases for our home, I've been on the Choice website.  We've had an ongoing subscription to Choice since commencing our recent major renovation.

I was interested to see that Choice have just reviewed online book suppliers, as well as comparing to the local chain store, Dymocks.  The review was conducted after the changes affecting Angus and Robertson and Borders.

The Book Depository won on price, including delivery to Australia (it is free) for the selected books.  However delivery took the longest - 21 days for the full order to arrive.

Amazon was $16 more expensive, but the books were delivered within 14 days.

Booktopia was $26 more expensive, and took 17 days.

Dymocks (in store) was $38 more expensive, and one book that had to be ordered took three days.

Gleebooks (in store) was also $38 more expensive, and the one book that had to be ordered took six days.

Purchasing books is a balance between price, convenience and experience.  I'm rapidly shifting…