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Heating working at last

Since our last updates we had a standoff in which McKinnon Heating and Cooling believed our gas meter had insufficient pressure resulting in our heater cutting out, and AGL blaming McKinnon Heating and Cooling.

As a result our heater wasn't working properly.  AGL did replace the gas meter because there was a small leak, but the heater still wasn't working properly.  Every half minute or so it cut out.  Then a few nights ago it stopped working altogether.

Today McKinnon Heating and Cooling came back and adjusted it again, noting that the gas pressure was better now. The heating is now blowing constantly, so hopefully the problem is fixed and we will have a warm house again!

Adding value - secret passages and rooms

This article from The Age is interesting.  There are companies that specialist in constructing and producing rooms and/or furniture so that you can have hidden rooms and secret storage spaces.

Stuff that little boys like me like!  But unfortunately we didn't put any into our renovated house, although there's lots of storage tucked away with window box storage, a walk-in pantry, in roof storage, under-stair storage, extra linen cupboards, etc.  None of it is technically hidden, although it might not be obvious.

It did make me think back to a friends renovated house.  They had a built-in robe across one complete wall of their master bedroom.  One of the doors, which looked like a robe door, was actually the entrance to their ensuite.

Have you seen a modern house that has a secret room?  Don't give too much away!

New oven working

Our new Electrolux pyrolytic oven (EPEE63CS) was finally installed on Thursday, when our electrician dropped by to hard wire it into the wall.  It turns out that we already has 20A wiring, so it wasn't too difficult to wire it in.  The oven has been a saga as the earlier blog posts explain.

On Friday and Saturday it was wiped out and heated up to 'burn' off any chemicals left over from manufacturing.  It is a smelly process. On Saturday it was used for the first time to heat food for a party.

We still need to find out about the heat shield required for vinyl wrap cupboards.  I'll call out kitchen cabinet maker again.

Switching over the hot water supply

This morning we had a hot water problem, with one of us ending up having a lukewarm shower in the ensuite. We had thought our ensuite was receiving hot water from our new instant hot water heater. I couldn't identify the cause, so I switched over the hot water using the taps under the ensuite sink, to what I thought was our gas heated storage hot water tank. We then had hot water again.

We went out a while and when back home mid-afternoon I checked that the instant hot water heater was working.  We were actually getting hot water in the kitchen but only cold water upstairs.  It had me baffled so I SMS'ed our builder, Matt, about his plumber coming back.

A little later I went to use the hot water in our 'original' bathroom and found there wasn't any.  That's when it hit me that the two hot water tanks were connected the opposite way to what I'd thought and the solution was simple.  It was the storage hot water heater that had the problem, and our ensuite had…

Replacement Electrolux pyrolytic oven arrived

During the week we followed up with The Good Guys, to find out the latest about our replacement Electrolux Pyrolytic Oven (EPEE63CS). We were told that it would be another two weeks or so.  Then two days later they called to say it would be delivered today.

The delivery guys were great, removing the display model oven we'd be given in error and delivering the new one.  Their paperwork said that we hadn't paid, so after they phoned the store I also provided them a copy of our store receipt to take back with them.

A quick check shows that it doesn't have a power cord so it shouldn't be another shop display model.  I'll now need to call our electrician to get a 20A feed  installed.

Odd jobs

This weekend we took advantage of some last minute changes in our plans for the day to undertake some odd jobs.

Firstly, I pressure cleaned the back verandah again.  The grey sandy soil we have quickly makes it dirty from sand on our shoes.  Just wait until we have that dog...
We also painted two more of the fence posts on the front fence, and touched up other parts.  I applied some more paint to a bedroom window frame, and also put a first coat on one of our side gates.
The veggie patch is someway from being re-established, primarily because it is overgrown with a 'self seeded' pumpkin.  So we used some pots around the garden to plant some winter veggies and herbs.

Finishing the chook run - cheap and easy fencing

Last weekend I finished the simple fence around the chook run.  I used a plastic trellis and fencing mesh, available from Bunnings, and pinned it to the cyprus posts using fence staples.

I did quickly find out that once tightly stapled, any pressure on the fence breaks the plastic mesh, so I used all my fence pins to distribute the tensile load across many points. The test will be whether cats jumping the fence start breaking the plastic where it is pinned at the posts.

With our gate in place it looks quite neat from the house.

At this stage it look we will buy the extra chickens in June and a puppy a little later.