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Hiring new movies via Samsung TV

Occasionally new apps appear on our Samsung TV.  ABC's iView is heavily used by our children, and we've occasionally watched YouTube videos too.

Last weekend we couldn't find any decent to watch on Foxtel's basic "Get Started" package, so instead of driving 10 mins each way to and from the Video Ezy store on Bernard Street, we had our first look at the BigPond Movies app on the TV.

Although it was slow to scroll through, we found a movie to watch.  We then selected it and received a message to register online first.

Within about 10 minutes I'd done so (it doesn't involve much more than giving them your credit card number) and then once I'd entered by username and password into the app on the TV, we received the movie.  We have 48 hours to watch downloads.

Most movies are $5.99 - comparable with Video Ezy.  Some older ones are $2.99.  Video Ezy has many more special multi-movie deals and we agreed afterwards that it is easier to quickly look throug…