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Folding hooks

We've been searching for the right coat rack for some time.  Our visit to the Springvale Homemaker Centre left us debating a traditional hat and coat rack/shelf from Provincial versus a more modern freestanding rack from Howards Storage World.  Our hearts were with the traditional one from Provincial as an independent item, whereas the one from Howards actually suits the style of our house better.

In the meantime, we had liked some hooks we saw in one of the laundries on The Block 2011.  I will repeat that The Block mostly annoyed me because of the focus on silly games and not actual renovations and I missed a fair few episodes because of that, but I am glad we saw these hooks.

The hooks can be folded up when not in use.  They are available in Ikea for about $15 for a pack of three.  They don't come with screws.

We've mounted our three in our laundry on an end wall that would otherwise be of limited use.  They should be handy for hanging laundry items and damp coats on wet…

Coffee print from Store

One of our purchases from our visit to the Springvale Homemaker Centre was this 'coffee' print from Store.

We love our coffee.  In Store, we discussed putting the print over our kitchen bench.  However, when we arrived home we decided to mount it on the opposite side of the same wall, over our dining table.

The warm tones of the print match our furniture in the dining space.

I can imagine too that future dining guests will joke that it is our coffee menu - challenging us to make coffees from the list!

Store only has stores in Victoria at present. Store market itself as a storage super-store, and its range seems larger than Howards Storage World.  They also have some of the same stock as Howards, notably including the Elfa shelving system. Their website doesn't show their product range, so it is worth visiting a store to see the depth of what they offer.

Review of Springvale Homemaker Centre

We finally made our first visit to the Springvale Homemaker Centre, on the corner of Westall Road and Princes Highway yesterday.

Although the main purpose was to visit Ikea to obtain some minor household items, and so that a friend could look at some shelves and cabinets, we most enjoyed the other stores in the centre.

The centre has much more than Ikea - it includes Store, Provincial, Harvey Norman Big Buys, Domayne, Howards Storage World, House and others.  Besides Ikea, there's three small places for coffee. We ate at Creatures of Habit, and had great piadinis.  The coffee was nice, but the cup seemed a little small. Apparently they have free wi-fi.

The style of the mall reflects those we've seen overseas - a cut above our older suburban malls like Westfield Southland and parts of Chadstone.  For example, the large open car parks with well defined pedestrian walkways, the enclosed, well lit and air-conditioned escalators from the car parks up into the mall, and the very wi…

New Fisher & Paykel fridge

During our renovation we  had the kitchen cabinetry designed for a wider fridge.  We allowed 980mm, whereas our existing fridge was about 700mm.  We also had a water fitting installed should we ever want a 'fancy' icemaker fridge.  We thought that at the time it would be pretty unlikely we'd ever pay extra for that sort of fridge.

Our dimensions were based upon browsing catalogues to get an estimate of the size of new fridges.  We'd also spoken to a neighbour who bought their house post-renovation and we learned from their experience.  It was something like this:

their nearly new kitchen cabinets were custom made to fit one fridge - the one belonging to the previous fridges generally didn't fit the cabinet space.  It took them a long time to find one that did.when the fridge was delivered it was so heavy that the delivery guy struggled with the one step on to their verandah.the fridge didn't fit through the front door.  They removed the door from its h…