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Cool room

This year we've decided to add a split system inverter air conditioning unit to our main living area.  Although our extension if five star energy rated, it does get very warm and there was some long uncomfortable nights last summer.

Like usual with all major purchases, I did some research.  I joined the Australian Consumer Association for an online subscription to Choice again.  I read their recent review of large air conditioning units and used their online calculator to determine the size of the unit.  However, I found that we only needed a medium size unit, not covered in any of their recent reviews (but that is good news too).

I looked at units in The Good Guys, where most of our appliances are from, Appliances Online, E&S Trading (where our fridge is from) and Harvey Norman.  I found the Smart Series of Samsung units.  With our TV's and one small split system being Samsung already, this was attractive and Harvey Norman had a small discount on the price. A good benefit …