Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Poolside seat

To maximise garden space, we positioned the pool as close as we could to one property boundary, leaving a narrow garden bed along the fence. The pool is positioned 'square' to the house, and the house isn't parallel to the fence, so the garden bed gets narrow as you walk away from the house.

Our original plans were for bamboo, but Ned of DesertScapes by Design advised that the bed wasn't wide enough, and that when stressed, bamboo drops a lot of debris. That's the last thing you need right beside a pool.

Our revised plan was to put a painted treated pine sleeper as garden edging and to plant something else. Then I had the revelation of a seat the length of the pool.

The trouble with a seat against a boundary fence is the pool regulations and whether it might be a platform that aids a child to climb down from the fence.  We telephoned the building surveyor and were given the all-clear. We had to remain outside the regulatory 900 mm non-climbable zone (what the standard calls an NCZ) from the top of the fence. The regulations allow exposed railings higher than our seat, as long as they are outside the 900 mm NCZ.

Ned went to extra lengths to ensure that our budget seat looks good, including chamfered edges, sanding the timber for a smoother finish and dowels to hide the bolts.  Once the timber has dried out some more we'll paint it.

We're looking to plant papyrus in pots behind the seat, and a strip of LED lights along the seat itself.

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