Friday, 21 August 2015

Finished pool

With the pool completely filled came a lesson from the pool company on how to operate the equipment. There was a lot to remember and you should take notes so as to remember what everything does. There's at least a one inch high stack of instruction books to go with the equipment.

We're absolutely overjoyed with the pool and surrounds, seen here through our dining room window.

Completed pool

We just need to sort out that back fence, and stain the bench seat along the side fence.

The first evening we gave the pool lights a workout. They can change colours using a remote control.

LED pool lighting, set to blue
With completion comes regular cleaning. In the first weeks the pool has to be completely brushed every day for the first week, then every second day for the second week, every third day for the third week, then once in the fourth week.  In that period it is manually dosed with liquid chlorine each day. This is to brush off any mineral deposits on the finish, and it helps bring out the blue in the Quartzon.

Scrubbing the pool finish - in winter
In our case, that meant cleaning it in the rain, at the end of winter, each evening. If you are building a pool, you will need to factor this in. If you can't clean it yourself, every day in this phase, you'll need to pay for someone else to do it for you.

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