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Powerline networking for more reliable Internet

For years we've been using wifi throughout the house.  Our 'Fritz! Box 7390' provides dual band wifi for most of the house, with some poor reception in the furthest parts of our extension.  I'm pretty certain the deadspots are because of the number of walls and presence of steel work and cables within them that interfere with reception.

With four people in our house, there's huge amounts of Netflix and YouTube viewing as well as gaming,

Periodically we've had bad connections. Our (now ageing) Samsung TV was perhaps the most frustrating, frequently losing its dongle wifi connection and having a frustrating process of re-establishing it. That includes entering the wifi network name and password using the TV remote - a job no-one could enjoy.

We didn't cable the house for data when we extended it, which is something I regret. At the time I though wifi would be good enough. That was a short-sighted decision.

When we had a section of floor repaired, I used the o…