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Finishing the lawn

Through winter we endured muddy boot and paw prints through the house, and a mud covered verandah due to the pile of top soil and weedy back garden. it helped us make up our minds about finishing the lawn.

Ned Bailey of Desertscapes by Design again came to the rescue and did the hard lifting.  Following from liberal poisoning of the old lawn and weeds, a few weeks later the huge pile of topsoil was spread by hand across the whole back garden.

Ned used treated pine to form garden borders and to make a walkway along the backwall of the house. The treated pine forms an easy, neat border, that you can easily run a line trimmer along.  Eventually we plan to have bamboo along the whole backfence, to screen out the presence of single story medium density units.

 I'd also installed pine sleepers around the edges of the deck, enabling Ned to raise the garden to deck level. The sleepers were held in place with steel retaining uprights, available from Bunnings.

For the lawn, I selected Palme…