In 2006 we purchased a 1960's era cream brick house on a large block (about 0.2 acres) in Cheltenham, a suburb of Melbourne in the State of Victoria.  The land for our block was sub-divided in 1962, and we think it was transferred to the person that we later bought it from in 1963 when a mortgage was first recorded on the title.

We moved from a beautiful 1950's era renovated weatherboard home on a sub-divided block, only a short walk away.  The primary purpose was to obtain land so that we could one day have a modern family home by renovating and extending the original house.

Before we moved in we took some photos when the previous owner was still resident.

This is the kitchen. During our first renovations we found marks in the floor suggested a different layout for the cabinets, so they might not have been the original cabinets.

With the silver and red highlights in the cabinet doors, it was probably a very trendy kitchen in the 1960's or 1970's.

The open plan living and dining area looked like this.

The bathroom was original.

The backyard was huge for us - we'd moved from a dual occupancy block (ie a place where the original house block had been subdivided into two, with only a courtyard back garden).  The garden was dominated by a large, leaning, gum tree, that provided beautiful shade.  Unfortunately it was severely damaged in a storm in 2007, and we had to remove it.

The front of the house was a low maintenance garden, planted with mostly natives, and heavily mulched.

Before we moved in we repainted the interior of the house, removed the carpets from the hall, living and meals area, removed the vinyl floor from the kitchen, had the floors sanded and polished, and we modernised the bathroom and toilet.  Soon after we had separate ducted heating and cooling installed - over-sized units to allow for a future extension.

Later we also erected a front fence, and remodelled the front garden to create a children's play area, in lieu of the back garden.  The large lawn area in the back garden had died off during the ongoing drought, and without any shade trees, we found more enjoyment in the front garden.  We didn't want to invest in landscaping the back given our plans for an extension.

In 2009 we had plans drafted for the extension, in early 2010 we sought quotes from builders and in July 2010 we commenced substantially extending and renovating the house.

The photos below show what we commenced the project with, in July 2010, including the second hand kitchen we installed before moving in.

Our renovation was successfully completed on budget, and ahead of time, by Makay Constructions of Cheltenham, Victoria.  Please read our main blog, from July 2010 to February 2011 to see the transformation of the above house to our renovated and extended, modern, home.